Study guide's Uniarts/joint doctoral studies, 2018-19 information (E)

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Joint doctoral studies are studies that are offered for all doctoral students. Learning is based on dialogic teaching methods and discussions between different fields. The studies focus on the following three areas:

I Inter-art collaboration: The courses examine research-related questions and phenomena in different fields and art disciplines. The studies give students skills needed to plan and execute collaborative research projects between different fields of art.

II Ethics of art and research: The studies focus on the ethics of art and research and the key questions on the openness of research. The studies give students skills that help them reflect on ethical questions related to research and art that need to be taken into consideration in artistic and academic activities.

III Communication and career skills: The studies develop the students’ written and oral communication skills. The studies give students the readiness to operate in different kinds of academic, social and professional contexts.

Instruction for joint doctoral studies is scheduled for week 2 and 36. Instruction can also be scheduled for other time periods.

Doctoral schools and programmes can include joint instruction in their degree requirements in a manner they deem fit.


NB! The doctoral candidates are as of the autumn 2018 welcome to participate in Information Technology Courses directed to the Staff. The courses include Word-, Excel-, PowerPoint- and Photoshop- courses. Please visit the Artsi pages for getting more info on the broad course offerings for the spring 2019 (unfortunately available only in Finnish. Artsi-login required). Please inform us that you are a doctoral candidate when enroling.