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X-K11 Finnish language 1, 2-4 cr 
Code X-K11  Validity 01.01.2016 -
Name Finnish language 1  Abbreviation Finnish languag 
Scope2-4 cr  Date of expiry  
TypeLanguage Studies Discipline9121 Finnish 
TypeCourse  Hours  
Study right   Gradinghyväksytty, hylätty 
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Unit Language tuition 

Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type cr teacher Schedule
Registration Suomi 1 (R02 EVENING)  Group tuition   
11.09.18 -11.12.18 tue 17.30-19.00
Registration Suomi 1 (R01 AFTERNOON)  Group tuition   
10.09.18 -08.10.18 mon 13.00-15.00

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