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T-XY205, Think like a forest. Integrating art, science and activism in a time of climate crisis BA/MA, 4 cr
Code T-XY205 Languages of instruction Finnish
Name Think like a forest. Integrating art, science and activism in a time of climate crisis BA/MA Abbreviation PROJECT VALLISA 
Scope 4 cr  Unit Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki 
Form of study Group tuition  Grading Pass-Fail 
Date 01.01.2018 -31.07.2018 Additional data (N.B. You should not write any more than 1500 letters here).  
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Think like a forest

Integrating art, science and activism in a time of climate crisis

What happens when you put a bunch of scientists, artist and activists together on an island to face the climate crisis together? We don't know, which is exactly why we are inviting you to join this transdisciplinary experiment in May 2018. 

All the scientific predictions around the climate crisis are shooting off the charts, whether it is rising sea temperatures, species extinction or deforestation... Everything is speeding up and yet our attempts as a society to deal with the problems are not at all at the scale of the crisis itself. We all know that business as usual is not an option and that we need revolutionary action in all our disciplines to avert the worst. This requires us to step out of our set roles, go beyond our fixed identities and to prepare to jump out of our comfort zones together. 

This residential experiment on the island of Vallisaari will explore how the research techniques of artists, theatre makers, climate scientists and activists can learn from each other and create synergies. How can science integrate the subjectivity and sensitivity of art into its practices? How can art become a useful tool of social transformation rather than be purely symbolic? How can activism go beyond mobilising with facts and figures and embody the poetic? 

The workshop is residential, the accommodation will be in tents, you will need a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, pillow etc. Taking part in building, maintaining and taking down of the camp is part of the workshop, participants can expect to be working mostly outdoors in Vallisaari. You do not need to own a tent. Food service might be a combination of catering and cooking.

Mode of Performance 

Attending the starting seminar at TeaK on Wed 16.5. and the camp in Vallisaari during 18.-27.5.


Passed - failed

Person in Charge 

Ville Sandqvist


Starting seminar Wednesday 16.5. 17.30-20.30 (Teak)

Camp: Friday 18. – Sunday 27.5. (Vallisaari)

Target group 

1. BA and MA students of the Theatre Academy and students of Helsinki University

2. Mobility students (BA and MA)

3. Doctoral students

Additional Information 

Costs for students:

The majority of your costs will be covered however there will be a requirement of cost towards food for each student: 5-10 euros per day.

How to apply:

  • Write a letter of motivation (max one A4) to be submitted by: 28.2. via email to
  • Include why you are interested in the camp, your hopes and expectations of the camp
  • a little information about your background and studies
  • what you would like to offer in terms of your own ideas and commitment

Decisions will be made and informed to all applicants at the latest on Wed March 7th.

Team of facilitators/teachers:

  • Isabelle Frémeaux and John Jordan, co-founders of the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination
  • University of Helsinki, Institute of Atmospheric and Earth System  Research (INAR)

Lectures by Laura Riuttanen, Taina Ruuskanen, Kourosh Kabiri Koupaei, Hanna Vehkamäki

  • University of Arts of Helsinki, Theatre Academy

Lectures by Paavo Järvensivu

  • In collaboration with Metsähallitus

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Think like a forest. Integrating art, science and activism in a time of climate crisis BA/MA Ville Sandqvist -h

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