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T-XY186, Once again: the Self! On subjectivity in theatre and performance art BA (H01), 2 cr
Code T-XY186 Languages of instruction English
Name Once again: the Self! On subjectivity in theatre and performance art BA (H01) Abbreviation ONCE AGAIN: THE 
Scope 2 cr  Unit Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki 
Form of study Group tuition  Grading Pass-Fail 
Date 01.08.2017 -31.12.2017 Additional data (N.B. You should not write any more than 1500 letters here).  
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An optional course for BA students, 2 cr.

One pervasive issue in current theatre and performance art, motivated by a contemporary political and cultural debate, is how the artist deals with his own subjectivity in the artistic process, his presentation or representation. The 20th century brought a lot of contradictory challenges to this domain: the avant-garde’s stress on the embodied subject, the distancing agent, weakened or decomposed subject, self-expressing subject in performance art, and identity politics. The workshop will practically and discursively investigate the possibilities of representation in the tension between two different stances, obvious in contemporary performative practice: the first based on the idea of observation and imitation, and the other linked to the need of self-expression.

What is the role of observation and imitation in the artist’s work, and how exactly does this relate to the artist’s individual experience? What is the role of imitation and quotation in theoretical reflection, and how does this relate to one’s own experience and originality? Shall we conceive of imitation as a sign of “non-authenticity”, of a blind belief, or is it an unavoidable and even fruitful aspect of human action? How can artistic and theoretical perspectives on these issues interact?


The overall aim of the workshop is not to reflect upon the following issues, among others:

– what ethical and theoretical concerns are at stake when it comes to observing, imitating   and copying a fellow man?

– what are the risks and promises of the use of one´s individual Self in artist’s work?

– what is the meaning of terms like “authenticity” or “trustworthiness” in artist’s work?

– what power games are present in the act of being copied or copying, and further, in the act of presenting and reproducing this material?

– what is the relation between copying and bodily appropriation?

– what is the role of distance and/or proximity, in a role-taking process?

Mode of Performance 

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Person in Charge 

Aune Kallinen


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Target group 

1. BA-students of the Theatre Academy

2. MA-students of the Theatre Adacemy

3. Mobility students

4. Doctoral students

Additional Information 

Teachers: Alice Koubová and Kent Sjöström

Alice Koubová (Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), PhD in philosophy, senior researcher, lecturer at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Area of focus: performance philosophy, theory of self-identity, phenomenology. Practitioner in ludic theatre. 

Kent Sjöström (Malmö Theatre Academy, Lund University, Sweden), PhD in Fine Arts in Theatre, Associate professor. Area of focus: reflective practice in acting and arts, methodology in artistic research, enaction and movement.


NB! If you cancel your attendance after the registration period, please contact Minttu Aaltoon

Cancellations must be done one week before the course starts at the latest.


Referential material:

– Peter Handke: The hour we knew nothing of each other [Die Stunde da wir nichts voneinander wussten], and

– Bertolt Brecht: Conversations in exile [Flüchtingsgespräche].

-Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

-Bertolt Brecht, Mr. K and Originality

-Ovid, Eccho and Narcissus and its interpretation by Bernhard Waldenfels


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Once again: the Self! On subjectivity in theatre and performance art BA (H01)
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